‘Pokemon GO’ Wins Exercise Award from Outdoor Activities Group

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We’ve mentioned in the past that if there’s been one clear benefit from the Pokemon GO (Free) craze is that the game got people up and walking. Now Suomen Latu, the Outdoor Association of Finland, has celebrated that fact by giving Pokemon GO its annual award. This award is given to the organization or person that has inspired the Fins to be more physically active. The group has stated that the game managed to bring together old and young in outdoor activities, and even though Finland is starting to get quite cold, people are still playing the game in all kinds of locations around the country.

I think it’s an interesting moment in mobile gaming because we’re seeing how mobile games can be more than just games you play on the go; they can actually be developed in such a way as to have mobility at their core. Congratulations to Pokemon GO, then, and I’m hoping we’ll see more mobile games make people get up and walk around more.

[via Yle]

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