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Award-Winning Board Game ‘Terra Mystica’ Coming to Mobile

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Digidiced has brought some great board games to mobile recently, including Patchwork and Agricola Creatures Big and Small. Now the developer has its sight set on bringing Feuerland Spiele’s Terra Mystica to mobile in Q1 2017. Terra Mystica has a long list of awards including Game of the Year awards, best Family Game Winner, and loads more. It’s currently ranked fourth overall on Boardgamegeek, and that’s pretty big when you keep in mind the competition. To cut a long story short, this is a very popular and much-loved board game.

What is it about though? Terra Mystica is a game that rewards strategic planning over luck. You play as one of the 14 groups of Terra Mystica, and you try to expand your area as much as you can using subtle means. Along the way you construct and upgrade buildings that give you different resources and also terraform the land around you. This should be fun to play digitally because it’s not the easiest one to set up.

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