‘Pokemon GO’ Halloween Event Brings Increased Chances of Spooky Pokemon and Candies

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The spookiest holiday behind the one where a fat guy with a global surveillance network invades your home and leaves you gifts based on his judgement of your morality, Halloween, is coming up soon. And Pokemon GO (Free) is getting in on the fun with a global in-game event. What this means is that Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, and Zubat (yes, freaking Zubat) are going to appear more often in encounters. Because they’re all spooky Pokemon. And because Halloween is all about candy, more candies will appear as you play. Perfect! This event runs from October 26th to November 1st.

This is actually a really cool idea on Niantic et al’s part, especially as the fall sets in and people aren’t naturally outside more, events like this to draw people out as the weather cools down (in theory, it’s still in the mid-to-high 80s here in Texas) might be necessary. And hey…who doesn’t need more Zubats?

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