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‘Nekosan’ is a Cat Platformer from ‘Mr. Jump’ Developer 1Button

1Button has been the developer behind some fun mobile games, including the popular Mr. Jump (Free) which released on Android recently. The studio has mostly done various puzzlers, but considering how well the platformer genre treats them, Nekosan is a perfect followup. They’re going for a different structure and vibe than Mr. Jump, as levels take place on a single screen in portrait mode. Also, your adorable cat can wall jump to change direction, though he will still be running around automatically. Not only will the levels promise plenty of challenge, but there will be fish to collect that are tough to get, but will unlock additional characters that aren’t just cats!

Nekosan will be “free with a few ads and a few optional IAPs" and is expected to release on November 3rd. But if you want to help beta test the app ahead of release, check out details in the game’s forum thread.