Brilliant Card-Based RPG ‘Solitairica’ Is on Sale for the First Time

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Despite my lack of knowledge and interest in the card game that it takes its name from, Solitairica ($3.99) managed to take over my life for a few weeks in August, mainly thanks to its smooth difficulty curve, abundance of charm, and the ever-enticing goal of trying to get to the end of the road and defeat the omnipotent Emperor Stuck. With an extremely positive review last month, Solitairica was a bargain as its initial $3.99 price point – however, for anyone on the fence, developers Righteous Hammer Games have today put the game on sale for $1.99, which is an absolute bargain for the amount of hours you are likely to lose to the game.

The main hook in Solitairica is how the different classes available all necessitate a different, tactical approach, and trying to complete the game with all of them proves to be a ridiculously compulsive task. After many hours, and even more expletives at the unlucky nature of a few losses, I’ve managed to complete Solitairica with every class bar with the wizard deck, however some more accomplished gamers on our forums have done the impressive feat of beating the game with every single specific set. Merging rogue-like RPG progression with solitaire may seem like a bizarre combination, but in practice works perfectly as a mobile game, and I cannot recommend it enough, especially for $1.99. With no explicit mention of how long this sale will last, be sure to act quickly and take advantage of this fantastic deal, and feel free to drop by our forum thread if you have any further questions or queries about Solitairica.

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    "It is, in my opinion, the perfect mobile game." - Drew Scanlon "An insanely fun mashup of roguelike RPG and solitaire.…
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