‘Pokemon GO’ Plus Update Improves Notifications

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If you are one of the very lucky and the very few who have got their hands on a Pokemon GO (Free) Plus (although things are better recently), the latest update allows you to customize your notifications to suit your needs. The default is scanning for both PokeStops and Pokemon simultaneously, but if you want to focus on either of the two, you can enable or disable the desired notification so you’ll be well on your way to either filling up that Pokemon collection or getting some Pokeball refills. In addition, when you’re out and about the world alongside your Buddy Pokemon and want to enjoy the view rather than take down all your buddy’s friends, you can elect to have your Plus not send any notifications and simply record the distance of your walks.

The final tweak is that the Pokemon GO Plus will remain paired with your game if you choose to use the app while messing about with Pokemon or Gyms. So, as you can tell this update doesn’t really add any content, but it does show that Niantic is looking to improve the Pokemon GO Plus as well as the app itself.

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