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‘Desert Worms’ Reminds Us that Our Future will Inevitably Revolve Around Constantly Escaping Giant Worms

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What is it about giant worms that makes for great video games? With games like Death Worm ($4.99) and Super Mega Worm ($1.99) on mobile, not to mention the classic Tremors movies and TV shows, it feels like the world is trying to warn us that someday we’ll all be running for our lives from giant worms. Hey, it could happen! So you better be prepared. One way you can get your worm-outrunning training in will be with the latest giant worm-based mobile game that’s in the works, Desert Worms from Devm Games. Use a variety of vehicles and power-ups to continuously outrun these giant wormy freaks, as you can see in the following trailer.

According to the developers, Desert Worms will include “Aggressive, scary and unpredictable worm AI (almost as smart as real worms), speed boosters and decoys to help in the wormiest moments, multiple cars unlocked through the campaign, 20 challenging levels, and achievements and ghost recordings of your previous plays." I love isometric driving survival games like the great Pako ($1.99) and its ilk, and when you throw giant worms into the mix it sounds like a recipe for something great. Plus, Devm Games are the ones who brought us Extreme Forklifting 2 (Free), the “absolute stupidest game… I can’t stop playing" according to Eli. So strap in for some Desert Worms action when the game launches sometime before the end of the year.

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