Telltale’s ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ First Episode Now Free

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If you’ve been interested in checking out Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) but have been wanted a low-risk entry point, well, good news: the first episode of Telltale’s naarrative series set in Mojang’s Minecraft ($6.99) world is now free for you to try out. This is the first of eight episodes, with several new episodes that were added in over time beyond the initial five-episode pack as the Adventure Pass. The complete game with Adventure Pass will run you $24.99, with the core Season Pass containing the first 5 episodes being $14.99, with the Adventure Pass costing $11.99.

Telltale often makes the first episode of their series free after a while, and that appears to be the case with this. If you haven’t been keeping up with Tasos’ reviews of Minecraft: Story Mode, he’s reviewed all 8 episodes in one mega-post that you should get to reading, with full reviews for each individual episode. Check it out, and check out the first free episode of Minecraft: Story Mode right now on iOS and Android.

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