Obsidian Teases ‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Deck 5 and More

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Obsidian has been pumping out plenty of content for Pathfinder Adventures (Free), most recently giving us Adventure Deck 4. In a recent blog, the developers have started teasing Deck 5, which apparently is close to being finished. In Deck 5, we are getting a new Rare Spell, called Sunburst, that’s great for taking out the Undead. This spell is an upgrade over Deck B’s Holy Light spell and should be a fun addition to Kyra’s deck. In addition to talking about Deck 5, the blog talks about the addition of Treasure Cards to the game based on the Azlaniti Stones (for those who’ve read Pathfinder Chronicles: Seeker of Secrets).

The developers will also be bringing Halloween-themed “goodies" to the game in the next few weeks, although we don’t have an exact date on that. Finally, the blog includes this amazing commercial for Pathfinder Adventures that if you’re my age, will get you all nostalgic for the 80s. Check the whole blog here.

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