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‘Hardwood Rivals’ is a Highly-Customizable Basket-Shooting Game with Same-Device Multiplayer, Coming October 25th

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Late last year, Koality Game released a simple but fun basketball-shooting game called Basketball Time (Free). While hardly the first in this genre, Basketball Time used an interesting shooting mechanic that, once you got the hang of it, was quite engaging as you tried to hit as many baskets in a row as you could. It wasn’t a groundbreaking title, but with the neat shooting mechanic and lots of unlockable characters and courts Basketball Time was quite an enjoyable little high-score chaser. Well, Koality is back with a spiritual successor to Basketball Time called Hardwood Rivals which is releasing soon. Check out the trailer.

Hardwood Rivals retains the same core concept of making baskets but ups the customization factor by having fully customizable avatars as opposed to the unlockable preset characters in Basketball Time. There are also a ton of unlockable items to equip your player with which can add different attributes while you play. Hardwood Rivals will also feature multiple modes to play, including things like same-device HORSE so you can challenge your buddies in real life. Based on how much I enjoyed Basketball Time, I’m excited to try out a familiar yet expanded take with Hardwood Rivals, which is set to arrive October 25th. For more on the game ahead of its release, check out its discussion thread in our forums.

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