‘Vainglory’ ESL Mobcrush Cup Will Offer Saturday Night Tournaments with Prizes for You

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Along with the new Vainglory (Free) 1.23 update that rolled out, Super Evil Megacorp, streaming service Mobcrush, and esports organization ESL have partnered up to launch the Mobcrush Cup series in Vainglory. This isn’t a big tournament for pros, instead this is a tournament for average folks, with some nice cash prizes to be had for winners. Starting on Saturday, October 15th (this Saturday), and running every Saturday for the next 3 months, contests will be run with a $50 prize up for grabs for the winner of that week’s tournament. Monthly finals will offer up a $200 prize for winners. Mobcrush streamers will get the opportunity to win an extra $100.

The tournaments are running both in North America and in Europe (where the prizes are in Euros), with the contests starting at different times in each region. If you’re a decent Vainglory player looking to make some scratch on a Saturday night, these contests might be worth checking out.

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