‘Hearthstone’ Expansion (?) News Coming Nov. 4th at BlizzCon 2016

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With BlizzCon 2016 drawing nearer, all Hearthstone (Free) players will be curious to see what the developers have in store for the hit card game. If we do get any specific news about the next Hearthstone expansion, it will be on November 4th at 12:30 PST according to BlizzCon’s schedule. That is when the “Hearthstone – What’s Next" panel will take place, and that has been where we got expansion/adventure news in the past. Now, we are certainly going to get some kind of news about the game’s future, since the panel’s description says “we’ve got some news to share on what’s coming just down the road in Hearthstone," but the question is how specific will the developers get.


Last year we got the League of Explorers announcement (with the actual adventure coming out very soon after), so history is on our side. If we are to get a new expansion, what theme would you want to see? And in terms of cards, do you want to see cards that patch up holes in the current meta or new keywords/mechanics? Not too long to go until we find out, and personally, I’m very curious to see which direction the developers will pick.

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