‘Clash Royale’ Teases the Ice Golem, a New Rare Troop

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Clash Royale (Free) has unveiled another upcoming minion, the Ice Golem. This is a rare troop that is going to be absorbing a lot of damage. He goes straight for buildings like the Giant, and when he’s destroyed, he explodes, slowing any enemies within that blast range. It costs only 2 elixir and has a relatively low health for its size. So, as the video below states, the Ice Golem isn’t really dangerous by itself and can be easily taken out. What you’ll be using the Ice Golem for is protecting better units by having it absorb damage while your other units do damage and taking advantage of how it slows enemies down when it dies.

Reddit users don’t seem to be very impressed by the Ice Golem with some saying that skilled players will be able to use it effectively but most other players won’t be able to do much with it. What do you think about the upcoming minion? Underpowered, or useful?


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