’80 Days’ Goes on Sale for the First Time Ever as Part of a Massive ‘Indie Gems’ Promotion

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In an environment like the App Store where constant fluctuations in price is the norm, it’s incredibly rare to see a game stay at a constant price for any significant period of time, let alone over two years. 80 Days ($4.99) had been an absolute bargain at $4.99 ever since its release back in July 2014, and quickly became a cult hit and one of the few reference points for mobile gaming as a powerful vehicle for some of the more memorable and emotive experiences in gaming. However, for the first time ever, 80 Days has gone on sale for $1.99 as part of a wider ‘Indie Gems Sale’, alongside some other critically acclaimed App Store titles such as Badland 2 ($0.99), Lumino City ($4.99), Machinarium ($5.99), Monument Valley ($3.99), and many more.

While the exact nature of this App Store sale isn’t particularly clear at the moment – it will likely become evident when the App Store updates tomorrow, as this appears to be an Apple-led promotion – there are a lot of fantastic games available at some bargain prices, which is always a good thing. With such an eclectic variety of games available, from atmospheric puzzle games like Monument Valley to narrative driven titles such as Machinarium, there is surely something for everyone, and with no explicit duration of the sale mentioned it’s definitely a good idea snagging any of these App Store classics while they remain at these bargain basement prices. If nothing else, I’d highly recommend picking up 80 Days during its first ever sale, as $1.99 is frankly ridiculous for a game of its caliber, and be sure to keep an eye on our Price Drops forum for any late additions to this incredible indie gems promotion.

Edit: Since the initial post, Apple have formally announced their Indie Gems 50% Off promotion, and so here is a full list of all the titles available during this sale:

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