‘Candy Crush’ Developer Releases ‘Shuffle Cats’, Its First Live Multiplayer Card Game

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King is of course famous for all the Candy Crush games, which are still incredibly popular and profitable. The developer has launched a different kind of game today and will definitely be hoping to replicate Candy Crush‘s success, as difficult as that might be. The new game is called Shuffle Cats (Free) and is a take on the classic card game rummy. In Shuffle Cats you compete against other players in real-time, which is a big departure from Candy Crush. The way to win is to create as many Melds as possible (cards of the same rank or consecutive cards of the same suit), and when you do win, you’re rewarded with Gems that allow you to get into one of the eight Card Clubs in the game. In other words, Shuffle Cats has pretty simple rules that should make it very accessible.

As a cat person, I do like the theme and the art quite a bit. Shuffle Cats also brings plenty of interaction with other players while you play, which is always a big plus in my eyes. Whether the game becomes a success remains to be seen, but King does have quite the network of faithful followers, so I’m pretty sure people will give the game at least a try. Whether they’ll stick with it remains to be seen.

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