‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ Is Out Worldwide

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FIFA Mobile Soccer (Free), the game some have been anticipating and some dreading, is out of soft launch and is available worldwide, so go check it out (keep in mind it’s taking some time to appear on all the stores). The new installment of the FIFA Mobile series has been redesigned with mobile in mind according to the developers. It’s once again focused on the Ultimate Team mode and is all about quick fun. In other words, don’t expect anything along the lines of FIFA 14 because you’ll be disappointed. The game offers new modes like Live Events – a selection of minigames – a new Attack Mode – where you get to only Attack for a half and then your opponent gets to attack – and a few other new features.

While having only Ultimate Team features isn’t really my cup of tea (I like my full-fledged leagues and championships), I expect FIFA Mobile Soccer to be fine for those who aren’t used to having the full console experience on their phones. And if you enjoy Ultimate Team, I suspect you’ll really like the game.

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