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Charming Puzzle Adventure Game ‘Eternal Maze’ Is Inspired by Crop Circles

The upcoming puzzle adventure game Eternal Maze has an interesting premise that is appropriate for Halloween time. In this game, you play as a farmer struggling to escape near-endless mazes created by Aliens. Those mazes, though, aren’t serene and do include all kinds of obstacles and creatures (like ferocious dogs). In order to make it through the mazes in one piece, you’ll be using various abilities and items, and if you are the daring kind, you can attempt to find the buried treasures for bonus points and to get those coveted achievements.

Eternal Maze

Eternal Maze will have 3 main chapters (though only one available at launch) each with its own theme. The art is quite charming, although I don’t know how charmed I’m going to be when I’m being devoured by ravenous dogs. The developers are looking for testers in our forums, so go sign up if you like how Eternal Maze looks like.