‘Perchang Black’, a Gravity Defying Expansion for ‘Perchang’, Is Set to Launch on October 27th

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Back in July, I wrote a rather lengthy tribute to Perchang ($1.99) – specifically how the ultra polished physics puzzler managed to soar to the top of the iTunes charts purely owing to its immense quality, and as a premium title no less. With some excellent level design that complemented a wide variety of ways to manipulate the stream of ball bearings into the goal, Perchang was an exemplary example of how iOS is a serious gaming platform, and these reasons were responsible for so many people giving the game a chance earlier this summer. This month, anyone who completed Perchang will be delighted to know that a brand new expansion titled Perchang Black is set to launch on October 27th, with a drastic aesthetic change and some interesting new mechanics.

The biggest change in the upcoming expansion for Perchang – despite the obvious color inversion from white to a black backdrop – is the introduction of new Zero G levels, where the physics of the main game will be flipped on their head as gravity is promptly taken away. In the reveal trailer, as well as revealing some new gizmos to try out, the developers have shown a glimpse of the new puzzles that will hopefully be a step up in terms of challenge, as well as mixing up the gameplay through forcing you to adapt to the change of physics. While there aren’t any specific details on terms of the amount of content in this update, or at what price Perchang Black will be available, this new addition to the physics puzzler looks to continue the impressive trend of the similarly named development studio, and I can’t wait to try out this new pack. If you have any thoughts on Perchang Black, or need any help with any of the core game levels, be sure to post on our forum thread.

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