The TouchArcade Show – Featuring Coffee with Butterscotch

As mentioned on last week’s episode, Jared is out of town this week practicing his primitive survival skills camping in the Californian wilderness. Thinking about what to do this week for a podcast, instead of just throwing another Rewind episode in the feed, I figured we’d feature another podcast that we really like. Coffee with Butterscotch is a weekly podcast put together by the team from Butterscotch Shenanigans, the developers behind Crashlands ($6.99) and other games. Each Wednesday they put together a podcast where they discuss what’s going on in their studio, the state of their various games and projects, events or game development groups they’re involved in, and things like that. Effectively, if you’ve ever been curious what it’s like to be involved in a small indie studio, following along with the Coffee with Butterscotch podcast is a great way to totally absorb that vibe and get an idea of what day to day operations are like. In this episode in particular, among the things they discuss is the logistics of dealing with managing having a merch shop for your games, office spiders, what they’re working on in the future and the thought process behind how the studio gets steered around from project to project.

The other reason of looping in the Bscotch podcast this week is it gives me an excuse to promote two other things they’re involved in: If you’re in the St. Louis area, be sure to go check out Pixel Pop Festival. One day passes are $15 and two day passes are $25. Bscotch’s Carol Mertz plays a huge role in putting all this together, and if you’re even vaguely interested in video games, game culture, experimental games, board games, and really anything/everything to do with games you should check it out. Additionally, Sam Coster, who not only is one third of the Bscotch brothers, but also wrote that crazy good The Last Game I Make Before I Die editorial on Crashlands development, is getting married this weekend.

So, huge congratulations to Sam, great job to Carol, and … we’ll see you next week with a real episode of The TouchArcade Show. And again, if you like what you’ve heard with Coffee with Butterscotch this week, head on over here to find the links to subscribe to the show which is on basically every service you could ever use to get podcasts.


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