Spooky Stencyl Jam 16 is a Great Opportunity to Make Your Own Games

Game engine Stencyl and web game portal GameJolt are launching their Stencyl Jam 16 today, and if you’re interested in creating games, it may be worth checking out. Running from October 7th-16th, and with the theme of “spooky," this jam is designed to get creators to try out new mechanics, experiment with new ideas, or just have some fun creating something within the constraints of the jam. And there are some prizes to be had, with cash and Stencyl Studio licenses available for the best games as judged by the jury. Or perhaps you just want to celebrate the Pumpkin Dance for yourself:

There are some pretty cool games made with Stencyl, including Wrassling (Free), Tiny Dangerous Dungeons ($0.99), and many of Folmer Kelly’s games (he is also helping to run the jam). So, if you love pixel art games, there’s a chance one of your favorites was made in Stencyl. And if you’ve wanted to get into making games of your own, this is the perfect opportunity since Stencyl has a free tier that lets you make web games, without needing to know any code, at no cost. If you need something to do besides playing games, perhaps making them for a change, this is a good time to start. Colin Lane has a video showing just how quickly you can make a Stencyl game for yourself:

I might just have to give this a spin for myself. For once, the three-and-a-half star giver might become the three-and-a-half star receiver.