‘Bean Dreams’, ‘Duet’, and ‘Basket Fall’ by Kumobius All Updated with New Content

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Kumobius just announced its new game that they’re beta testing on our forums, but the studio isn’t leaving their past games behind. Perhaps their finest is Bean Dreams ($2.99), a bouncy trial platformer that’s just all around an exceptional experience. Kumobius has just updated the game with 3 new worlds. These include two new ‘mainline’ worlds along the center level path in Beach Bazaar 2 and Brickworks 3, to go along with a branch world in Fortune Fields 2.


Along with Bean Dreams, two other Kumobius games have gotten updates recently. Duet ($2.99) got updated with a new Continuance mode, which gives you an endless set of levels to complete, but with no lives nor time limit. As well, iOS 10 ReplayKit Live streaming and iMessage stickers have been added in. And Basket Fall (Free) recently received new balls, along with live streaming and stickers. Check all the new stuff out now.

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