‘Inferno Dragon’ Is the Next ‘Clash Royale’ Legendary

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As promised, Supercell has revealed the next card to come to Clash Royale (Free) as part of the latest update, and its the Inferno Dragon. As you can see in the videos below, the Inferno Dragon works a lot like the Inferno Tower (but with a shorter range) in that as time passes, its attack gets stronger. In the first two seconds of its attack, it deals 75 dps, the next 2 seconds it deals 250 dps, and then it reaches its maximum of 875 dps. So, if you ignore this one and don’t take it out as soon as possible, you are gonna get some serious damage. The positive is that it’s easily distracted by small units, so make sure you have some ready to go. It’s also relatively fragile and quite slow.

The videos below will give you plenty of ways to both play and counter the Inferno Dragon, but given that it’s a Legendary, not many of the players will actually get their hands on the card any time soon. The card should be available very soon, so let me know what you think about it in the comments.



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