‘Banana Kong’ Hits 100 Million Downloads and “Beach Update” Finally Hitting iOS Devices Thursday

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The sheer number of mobile devices out in the wild coupled with the ease of downloading apps and their tendency to be free means that download milestones can get pretty crazy compared to other platforms. A million or, heck, even half a million units sold on another platform would be a huge success for most studios, but on mobile it’s not even a drop in the bucket anymore. Which brings me to the news that FDG’s ape-themed auto-runner Banana Kong (Free) has just reached the 100 million downloads mark across all platforms, and to celebrate FDG will be bringing a huge Beach-themed update to the game on iOS this Thursday. Here’s a video showcasing the new Beach content.

The Beach update has actually been available for the Android version of Banana Kong since way back in June, and although it’s quite a bit later, it’s nice to see it coming to iOS finally as well. It’ll also be the first significant update to the game in just over 3 years. Banana Kong is one of the more enjoyable free to play endless runners in my book, and I’ll be looking forward to the update hitting this coming Thursday. If you haven’t yet given Banana Kong a try, you can contribute to its 100 million-and-counting number by downloading it for free with the link below.

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