‘Minecraft: PE’ 0.16 Update Coming Oct. 18th, Adds Bosses, Add-Ons, Commands, and More

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Minecon 2016 is currently taking place in Anaheim, California, and as was expected, we got some good Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) news. First of all, the upcoming 0.16 update, also called the Boss Update, is coming October 18th, so we’ll have to wait another month to get our hands on it. But what will it bring with it? Well, we knew that it will add bosses – hence the name – so we’ll be getting the Elder Guardian (and its Ocean Monuments), and the Wither in its revamped fighting form. What I’m more excited about is the first implementation of Add-Ons, which the devs call the first step towards even greater levels of customization to all editions of the game, starting with MCPE and Windows 10. As you can see from the video below, you’ll be able to mess with mobs just by editing text files.

And that’s no all we’re getting in 0.16. We’ll finally get slash commands, which will let players summon mobs, change time and weather, teleport, change blocks, and so on. Realms will support importing and exporting worlds, which will make that mode so much more fun, and plenty other addition/changes. I’m very excited for all the new things we’ll be able to do in MCPE, but I have one major request still; get the music in the game, please. Tomorrow at 3:30pm PST, the devs will be talking more about Add-Ons at Minecon, and you can watch it here if you so desire.

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