‘Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures’ Looks Like Fun for the Young and Young at Heart

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If you have young ones who enjoy Disney princesses, you might want to pick Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures (Free), which has just released. The game is a collection of entertaining minigames focused on four princesses: Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, and Tiana. Among other things, you can help Rapunzel paint her wall murals and find Pascal, explore the sea as Ariel (who is a certifiable hoarder and prime candidate for Hoarders: Disney Edition), be all inquisitive as Belle while also getting to fight off a pack of wolves, and help Tiana cook the recipes from her famed restaurant.

As you play through those minigames, you’ll earn adventure charms that you can then share with friends. As is always the case with Disney games, production values are great and the game is sure to charm the little ones. They even included many of the original voice actors, which is always a plus.

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