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‘Zombie King’ Gets New Rhyming Trailer

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It’s always a good sign when a game shows up and multiple people in TouchArcade Towers want to write about it. The perfidious Tasos Lazarides wrote up auto-runner Zombie King last week when it was first revealed, complete with an animated GIF. But lo, the villainous Carter Dotson is here to bring you the new trailer for the game, explaining a bit more about the game. Literally, there’s a narrator explaining the concept in rhyme:

As the eponymous undead monarch, you’re working to collect the money to be less undead as you buy back your corporeal form. It’s level-based, not endless, but it does have auto-running with wall-jumping, which always sounds like fun. The game will be paid and will have IAP, but the developer says “You can spend some real-life-money for some more in-game-gold if you are some rich guy who is like “I dont have time for this. Chris, here is some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for your troubles go buy something for your kid." Fair enough! Check out the forum thread for the game to discuss about this one ahead of its release, which should be ready soon.

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