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The Sci-Fi ‘Battleship Lonewolf’ Is Looking for Beta Testers

I like cool-looking spaceships; maybe it’s all that exposure to X-Wings when I was young or that one time I was abducted by aliens. Nevertheless, when I saw Battleship Lonewolf, a sci-fi action strategy game, in our forums, I have to say I liked the way those spaceships looked. Moving beyond the looks, this upcoming game has you commanding a space battleship in tactical battles. In order to survive and further explore the depths of space, you’ll have to figure out how to balance your spaceships attack, defense, speed, and so on, all the while upgrading your systems in an effort to overcome the many enemies.

I don’t know that much about the game yet, but as you can see from the images in the forum thread, there’s plenty of ship customization that reminds me of playing Warhammer 40K games (and that’s a good thing). Battleship Lonewolf is looking for beta testers, so if you like what you see, go to the thread and sign up.