How Much Money Has ‘Pokemon GO’ Made? Wall Street Journal Article Says There’s No Way to Know

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How much money has Pokemon GO (Free) made? Well, that’s a good question! There are countless mobile analytics firms out there that can provide estimates for games on the App Store and their financial performance, but Jacky Wong of the Wall Street Journal points out that there are some vast differences in estimates. Namely, AppAnnie thinks Pokemon GO has made $714 million in gross revenue so far. Priori Data, while an outlier, is estimating $102 million. And there are estimates between the two, as well.

Essentially, the point is that we really don’t know how well mobile apps are doing. Perhaps a game with a familiar monetization model might be easier to estimate, but Pokemon GO is an outlier in many, many ways, and considering that the financial picture behind the game is a mess too, there’s no clue just how well the game is doing, or any game, really. Apple and Google aren’t reporting hard revenue numbers, and with elements like advertising networks that come into play, even their info wouldn’t be a complete picture. I had the head of a notable publisher email me once that advertising revenues were a significant portion of their revenue that was causing their game to do better than say, their grossing rank would indicate. So really, we all know nothing unless these studios decide to release their detailed financial information, and we know just how willing companies are to do that…

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