‘Don’t Starve’ Comes to Android in Open Beta

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iOS players have been enjoying Don’t Starve ($4.99) for a while now in its “Pocket Edition" even when it was just iPad-only and couldn’t really fit in your actual pocket. But Android gamers have been starving for Don’t Starve. Well, they won’t have to starve for much longer, as Don’t Starve is out on Android in open beta form. This means that while you can buy it right now, it may not work perfectly, as Android requires a lot of testing to work well on the myriad hardware out there. It won’t necessarily show up in the curated Early Access section, but you can find it from the direct link and by searching for the game.

If you don’t know the deal with Don’t Starve, it’s a popular top-down survival game from Klei Entertainment that has seen release on PC, consoles, and now mobile. Check out our review of the iOS version, and if you’re on Android, stay tuned for the full release of the game.

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