Donut’s Awesome-Looking Platformer ‘Vulture Island’ is Out Now!

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Donut is most well-known for making simple, mobile-friendly arcade-style games, but they went out of their own wheelhouse back in July of 2014 when they released the adventure platformer Traps n’ Gemstones ($4.99), and they totally nailed it. It turns out that Donut was quite suited for more meaty experiences, but Traps n’ Gemstones was more than two years ago, and in the time since then Donut went back to their usual (but still fantastic!) simpler fare. Well, it was just last week that we were first teased with images from a then-unnamed upcoming platformer from Donut Games, and only a couple days after that we got the first trailer as well as an official name for that game: Vulture Island. Donut was being a bit vague about the release date, simply saying it was “coming soon," but much to my own and I’m sure many others’ pleasure Vulture Island ($2.99) has suddenly appeared in the App Store as of just a few moments ago.

Personally, I love when games sort of take you by surprise by showing up out of nowhere, and with the arrival of Vulture Island just now, I all of a sudden have plans for tonight. Woohoo! It sounds like Vulture Island is a similar type of platformer as Traps n’ Gemstones, which itself was more of a Metroidvania-style puzzle platformer. Donut describes Vulture Island as “more of an explorer game than a Mario-type platformer. You start on an island that you get to explore freely, speak to people you meet, gather items and unlock puzzles." I’m very anxious to check it out, but I had to let you all know it was available first so we can all enjoy it together. Also, if you’re looking for some early impressions or want to share your own, there’s a forum thread for you to do that very thing. Oh, and the game’s regular price of $4.99 is reduced for the rest of September down to the very affordable price of $2.99. What more could you want? Happy platforming, ya’ll!

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