‘Phoenix 2’ Gets iOS 10 ReplayKit Live Streaming to Mobcrush, and Additional Tweaks

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A lot of games have been getting updates with ReplayKit Live, but one of the coolest ones to get support so far is definitely Phoenix 2 (Free). The game’s already had video sharing, but now you can stream to Mobcrush (Free) straight from your device in Phoenix 2. Considering the game’s daily play, and the need for repetition to do better and better at the game, this could be a fun one to regularly live stream.

Plus, if you’ve been curious about the various ships in the game, you can now try out a ship before you buy it or have it unlocked. This makes it easy to see if there’s a mix that you might want, rather than just estimating in your mind “would this be a useful combo?" A few other fixes are in the game: auras have been adjusted so that they’re clear in the center, making it a bit easier visually to see the bullets around your ship. Plus, a small effect is shown when you graze a bullet successfully, which gives you some extra energy. Graze a laser, and you get some extra energy as well, but no visual effect yet. The update is out now, be sure to blast your footage out there!

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