‘NCIS: Hidden Crimes’ Is Another Take on the Famous Show

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Quite a few years after the last time, the long-running TV show NCIS, currently in 14th season and going strong, has returned to the App Store in a new game called NCIS: Hidden Crimes (Free). In this game you try to solve a variety of cases using 6 different investigation modes. I wonder if over-caffeinating people with Abby’s huge Caf-Pow is one of those modes; I sure hope so. The game also has 9 puzzle games – including using drone surveillance – and some surprise actions. The game spans all 50 states and includes all of the cast (as it stands after Tony’s recent departure).

Don’t expect mind-blowing story twists and fantastically-original gameplay, but I’m sure that people who enjoy the show will enjoy playing NCIS: Hidden Crimes. So, if you feel like being a probie for a bit, go check the game out and solve those cases.

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