‘Clash Royale’ Balance Changes and Sneak Peeks Coming

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We knew they were coming, and now they are almost here. Supercell has just announced that balance changes are coming to Clash Royale (Free) on September 19th and that tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll be getting the first sneak peek at the upcoming update. So, what changes are we getting? This time around Mirror, Rage, and Lightning caught the attention of the developers, who saw them as relatively underused. Rage will cost 2 instead of 3 elixir, its effect decreased to 30% from 40%, and its duration decreased by 2 seconds. Lightning will stun targets for 0.5 seconds, a new addition to the card that brings it more in line with Zap. And Mirror will now mirror cards 1 level higher than its own level, with max level Mirror creating max level +1 cards.

The Giant’s damage will be decreased by 5%, a pretty big decrease, the Log will knock back all ground troops, and the Bomber hitpoints will be decreased by 2% and its damage increased by 2%. You can check the changes in detail here. So, what do you think of these changes? Will they affect your decks? In addition to announcing the upcoming changes, the developers also teased update sneak peeks starting tomorrow, so we’ll keep you up to date on those ones.

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