Looking for Something to Stretch the Legs of Your IPhone 7? Check out ‘Oz: Broken Kingdom’

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If you’re looking for games to download to try to push your new iPhone (or hell, even your old iPhone) to the limit, the keynote presentation would lead us to believe that Oz: Broken Kingdom (Free) is going to be one good way to do that- Apparently offering more monkeys on screen than any other 3D game on the App Store along with many more visual goodies.

Developed by Nexon M and This Game Studio, Oz: Broken Kingdom is a turn-based strategy game that features a full story campaign and an arena mode which pits you against other players. Of course, being a free to play game, there’s also a ton of IAP to buy, but impressions on our forums are remarkably positive since the game hit the US App Store last night… So don’t let the IAP dissuade you.

Also, since it’s free you can just use the game as a nifty little tech demo for your top-tier iOS devices. Forum members have even reported the game looking great on their iPhone 6 and 6s. I’m curious to see how haptic feedback in gameplay actually work, as if you can do things like emulate the feel of hitting a button, virtual controls would get a lot better? Maybe? I guess we’ll see tomorrow whenever UPS drops my iPhone off.

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