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‘Faily Rider’ Puts ‘Faily Brakes’ on Motorcycles, Releases Next Week

Spunge Games has seen tremendous success with Faily Brakes (Free) so far, but the people have been clamoring for more, more! In particular, motorcycles have been on the wish list for many people. However, Spunge Games was hesitant to add them, as they wanted them to feel like they weren’t just tacked-on. Motorcycles have their own physics, and would respond to the Faily Brakes courses in different, suboptimal ways. The solution, then, was to make a different game: Faily Rider.

The game’s controls, physics, and courses have been adjusted to make the game feel like it’s designed for 2-wheeled vehicles instead of 4. And of course, there’s plenty of pop culture references in the new motorbikes for you to be amused by, including a few Tron-looking bikes. And the scenery now has more of an American west feel, particularly the Nevada desert as mentioned by Spunge Games as an influence. Faily Rider will release on September 22nd.