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‘Rome: Total War’ for iPad Controls Demoed in New Video

Not long ago, Rome: Total War was announced for iPad, and not some free-to-play spinoff, but the actual classic 2004 real-time strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly, being brought ot mobile by Feral Interactive. And there was much rejoicing, as this game is considered one of the best real-time strategy titles ever, and it spawned many followups over the years. However, there’s a question with just how the game would control in the adaptation from mouse to the touchscreen. Not that it’s an impossible transition, but there’s challenges brought on by the loss of hovering and additional mouse buttons (along with the lack of a keyboard) to go along with the benefits of touch. Well, Feral Interactive has released a new video demoing the game’s touch controls:

You’ll notice many common gestures for camera movement are in play, with line-drawing to move and select multiple units, and multitouch gestures used to change formations. With the game being just for iPad, that means that there should be plenty of room to control the game, but we’ll see how the touch adaptation fares when it releases sometime this autumn. Ahh, nothing says autumn like leaves changing color, Roman phalanxes, and most importantly, the pumpkin dance: