‘Rome: Total War’ is Coming to iPad this Autumn

Strategy games and the iPad go together like curry and rice, so it’s no surprise that there have been a ton of great strategy games, both original and classic, released on the device. A couple of years ago, we were treated to one of the all-time classics of PC strategy when Heroes of Might & Magic 3 ($9.99) came to iPad. Well, you can grab your marker and get ready to cross another one off of the old checklist, because Rome: Total War is coming to iPad this fall from SEGA and Feral Interactive.

Yes, that’s apparently the Rome: Total War. Not a free-to-play spin-off, not a streamlined version, but the real, honest-to-goodness 2004 PC classic originally created by The Creative Assembly. The third title in the Total War series, it’s not only been hailed as one of the best strategy games ever, but one of the best PC games, period. For many fans it’s the highlight of the series. You take control of one of three Roman houses vying for control of the Republic/Empire. Real-time 3D battles punctuate the overall turn-based structure of running your house, making for an irresistible blend.

We don’t know exactly when Rome: Total War is due to hit, but it can’t be more than a couple of months away. In the meantime, you can start getting hyped by checking out the YouTube video of the first footage running on iPad. We’ll have more for you on this hot upcoming release as it becomes available.