First 3 ‘Sorcery’ Games on Sale Ahead of ‘Sorcery 4’ Next Week

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With Sorcery 4 set to release this week, now would be the perfect time to check out the first 3 Sorcery games if you haven’t quite played them yet, and to cram before Sorcery 4 hits on the 22nd. Well, Inkle is here to give you too much Sorcery for too little money: all 3 Sorcery games are available for just a dollar each ahead of the Sorcery 4 launch on September 22nd. Note that it is a week later than the original release date of the 15th.

And check out the Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings trailer to see what’s up with the latest edition of the series, allegedly the last one too:

Sorcery 3 was a particular high watermark for Inkle and interactive fiction on mobile, and there’s no reason to expect any less from Sorcery 4. If you haven’t checked out this series yet, be sure to do so now.

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