‘World of Tanks: Blitz’ Gets Clan Tournaments and More Today

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Update 3.1 is bringing to World of Tanks: Blitz (Free) one of the most-requested features: Clan Tournaments. Clan Tournaments let you battle alongside your Clan members for glory, prizes, and bragging rights. What this means is that for really the first time, you can have team events rather than individual ones, which is great for those who take competitive game more seriously. How do Clan Tournaments work? You get your clan registered to an event (which locks in its name and roster), and five minutes before a tournament match starts, each member in the clan gets a notification to join the battle. Battles then start automatically according to the tournament schedule.

Update 3.1 is bringing more than just Clan Tournaments to the game; we’re also getting a new map, Yamato Harbor (which includes battling on the actual deck of the warship), new ways to unlock modules and many vehicle changes. You can check all the changes here. The update is going live today, so get ready to take your Clan to a fight.

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