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‘Fired Up’ is the Next Game from Noodlecake and ‘Mmm Fingers’ Developer No Monkeys

It feels like Noodlecake Games has been a bit quiet since Super Stickman Golf 3 (Free), and well, they have been: the team took a break after the game’s launch, but they’re back at it now to release a ton of promising published games on to mobile. Next up fro them is Fired Up developed by No Monkeys of Mmm Fingers (Free) fame.

So, you have to put out the fires in various windows of a building, but your fire hose is kind of out of control, so you have to tap to propel yourself higher in the air so that you put out fires without running into said fires. You automatically move left to right with your hose, so you’re trying to keep putting out fires without running into one. Who fights the firefighter’s fires? You’ll be able to check out *Fired Up* on September 15th.