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Play as a Chicken With a Grappling Worm in ‘Chicken Wiggle’ from the Developer of ‘Mutant Mudds’

The bad news is that Mutant Mudds ($4.99) developer Renegade Kid has ceased operations. The good news is that the legacy of the development studio is continuing on, with the 2D games by the developer now in posession of Jools Watsham, who has set up shop as Atooi Games, who released Totes the Goat (Free) not long ago. And now, Atooi is hard at work at bringing some new games to life, and iOS factors into those plans with the upcoming Chicken Wiggle, releasing on both iOS and 3DS “soon." Check out a teaser of the game:

That’s a chicken with a grappling worm. And there’s the promise of more gadgets to use along the way in this platformer. Not only will there be a myriad of levels from Atooi, but level creation tools. I am a sucker for games with grappling of any kind, so I’m real curious about this one.