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Deck-Building Word Game ‘Paperback’ Coming to iOS Soon

If you’ve been reading my articles here at TouchArcade, you’ll know that I am a bookworm of the first order. So, when a game claims to blend world-building and deck-building together, well, sold. Paperback originally came out as a physical game, but now it appears it’s ready to make the leap into the digital world (like going from physical books to a Kindle). Paperback has you playing as an author trying to finish “kitschy" paperback novels like Westerns, Sci-Fi, Romance, and so on. You start with a deck of letter cards and wild cards, and as you form words, you make money to purchase even more powerful letters. Many of the letters come with special abilities that activate when used in a word (like doubling a letter score).


The game is apparently close to being submitted for review, and while it will only come with AI and pass-and-play, there are thoughts of online asynchronous multiplayer in the future. This one sounds like great fun, and I like the idea of combining deck-building and word-building. So, I’m looking forward to this one.

[via BoardGameGeek]