2D Brawler ‘Epic Flail’ Receives Control Update and Goes Free for the First Time

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Epic Flail ($1.99) was a really interesting concept for an arena fighting game when it was first released back in June. With some beautifully detailed pixel graphics, Epic Flail was all about evading enemy attacks and countering back with fatal blows of your own, and with a significant variety in the environments and challenges available, it did make for an enjoyable and unique experience. However, the main problem was synonymous with the game’s title – the controls didn’t give the precision that was required to pull off some of the more interesting tactical concepts, and so flailing, admittedly epically, around the screen became the only way to be victorious in the picturesque battles against gladiators and centaurs. However, developers Noxus Ltd have made great strides to fix these issues through implementing a fantastic new control system, and have also made Epic Flail free to download, so there is no better time to give this neat 2D brawler a bout.

In an update released last month, Noxus updated Epic Flail with three new control types – fixed, float and swipe, the latter taking influence from the responsive slicing mechanic of Fruit Ninja ($1.99). My brief attempt at playing with these new control options certainly shows an improvement on the original options, even if the limitations of a lack of haptic feedback remain. With some really varied levels, such as being tied to a platform by a chain that restricts your movement, lethal razor blades, and some pretty epic boss fights, Epic Flail is a blast to play, especially at the low, low price of free. There’s no telling how long this sale will last, so don’t let this interesting title fly under the radar again, and don’t forget to leave any impressions or suggestions to the developers on our forum thread.

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