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‘Fat Owl With A Jetpack’ is a Fast-Paced ‘Lunar Lander’-like from the Maker of ‘Ground Effect’ and ‘Topia World Builder’

Glenn Corpes was one of the original members of Bullfrog in the late ’80s and ’90s, working on legendary game series like Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, and Dungeon Keeper, before striking out on his own with one of the iPhone’s earliest racing games called Ground Effect ($1.99). He also colaborated with Crescent Moon to create the entertaining world-builder Topia ($1.99) back in 2012. Corpes has had another solo project in the works off and on since 2013, a sort of Lunar Lander-style game called Fat Owl With A Jetpack. After being dormant for quite some time, Corpes resurrected the thread in our forums to announce that Fat Owl With A Jetpack is still in development and drop off a new video of it in action.

Despite several pretty good Lunar Lander-likes launching in the time since Fat Owl’s development has been on hiatus, Corpes claims this will be a very different experience than what’s already out there, saying “You don’t run of fuel, you don’t die when a wingtip brushes the wall and it all happens at 60FPS." Those are important keys in what is usually a very delicate and sometimes frustrating genre that demands precise movements. In contrast I actually really love how you take advantage of all the loops and curls in Fat Owl to build up speed and launch your feathered friend all over. It gives me a total Sonic vibe. No release date has been set for Fat Owl With A Jetpack but we’ll be keeping tabs on it in the meantime.