Apple Sends Invites to September 7th Media Event

We’ve been doing this whole new iPhone release cycle thing for so many years now, and the week or so leading up to the actual keynote always seems to be the most exciting. Our sister site MacRumors has a pretty extensive roundup of what’s expected in the iPhone 7, including what might be the most controversial thing: The likely removal of the traditional headphone jack. I feel like Apple is going to have some serious explaining to do to sell people over on that, so, I’m excited to see how they play that all off.


The event is on the morning of September 7th, and while Apple hasn’t yet revealed whether or not the whole thing will be live streamed, but it seems pretty safe to assume. What I’m more curious of, is how is Apple going to sell people on upgrading? Modern iPhones have gotten so good that the whole rapidly upgrading year over year thing doesn’t seem as important as it used to be? Maybe?

Anyway! Stay tuned for September 7th.

UPDATE: Looks like Apple will in fact be streaming this event, so be sure to check out this page on the 7th to watch it live.

[via Six Colors]