‘Taekwondo Game Global Tournament’ Update Finally Adds Online Multiplayer

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Taekwondo Game Global Tournament (Free) has been my game of choice whenever I need a quick fighting game fix, but its lack of online multiplayer was always a big shame since the game is so well made. We really liked the game here at TouchArcade when it first came out and even gave it our Game of the Week award. Finally, in a update released today Taekwondo has added online multiplayer, which is great news (although as of this moment I’m still getting server issues). The update has also added new Suits but, more importantly it has brought in an official endorsement by the World Taekwondo Federation, which is great both for the game and for those who enjoy the sport.

If you haven’t played the game before, Taekwondo is a pretty realistic fighting game with great animation and good controls. It’s also a universal app so you can beat your opponents on both the big and the small screen. The game is f2p with ads, and you can pay to remove the ads. Overall, this is a pretty great fighting game that you should definitely check out if you enjoy the genre.

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