We Are Getting a ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Sequel, Says Rovio

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If the news that Rovio is planning on a sequel for its The Angry Birds Movie is surprising to you, maybe you – like me and many others – thought the movie did at best decently enough but nothing spectacular. Well, apparently it did great. According to Rovio’s profit report, the movie opened in the No. 1 position in 52 countries, including the US and China, and it has grossed more than 347 million dollars at the box globally (and it has yet to open in Japan). The movie’s budget was around 80 million dollars, so as you can see, Rovio has quite a few million reasons to develop a sequel.

Even excluding the profits from the movie, Rovio Entertainment has had a profitable first half of 2016, making 16 million euro more than the same period last year. So, as you can tell, the sequel to The Angry Birds Movie is no surprise. The company also announced that it’s developing new IP but didn’t provide any further details other than saying they currently have “several exciting new games and other projects in development." If you want to read the whole report, go here.

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