‘Puzzle Monster Quest’ Is Out Worldwide and Comes With ‘Attack on Titan’ Characters For Limited Time

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After briefly incubating in soft-launch, Puzzle Monster Quest (Free) is out worldwide on both iOS and Android. As is usually the case in Puzzle Quest games, you’ll be matching tiles to move your hero around and take out enemies. In this version of the formula, you’ll be navigating treacherous dungeons filled to the brim with monsters you can either battle or capture and befriend. And you’ll be able to evolve friendly monsters (of course). When you fight against monsters, you’ll be trying to match as many tiles as possible to launch stronger attacks. At the same time, different tile colors are associated with different element types that can buff or debuff your attacks.

For a limited time, Puzzle Monster Quest will include Attack on Titan characters just to sweeten the deal further. There will be characters such as Captain Levi, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger as well as unique monsters and Attack on Titan-themed dungeons. If you’re a fan of the Puzzle Quest recipe, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t skip this one.

Edit: We’ve been told the game is out of soft launch, but it might take a while for it to appear in other iTunes regions. 

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