New iPhone Games: ‘Space Marshals 2’, ‘Solitairica’, ‘Lost Maze’, ‘MLB 9 Innings Manager’ and More

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last time we celebrated National Waffle Day, but, here we are. For me, I typically spend National Waffle Day in sullen and remorseful silence because we don’t have any Waffle House locations in the Chicago Area. (I actually looked into the logistics of opening one, turns out you need to commit to multiple locations in a surprisingly large territory.) Anyway, sure, I could get waffles from any other breakfast diner, but there’s just something amazing about Waffle House. It’s the perfect drunk food too, meanwhile, we’re just slumming it with Taco Bell. Either way, if you’re looking for some brand new iOS games to help celebrate the occasion, our forums have got what you need.

Here’s all the newest games that have popped up, and as always, there might be stragglers that appear throughout the day:

Of course stay tuned for later this evening for a full roundup of other stuff that might drizzle out throughout the day along with other National Waffle Day celebrations.