‘The Opera’, ‘One Night in Karazhan’ Wing 2, Is Now Available in NA, So Go Enjoy the Latest ‘Hearthstone’ Adventure

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If you are in the mood for theater and culture, then you’re in luck because The Opera, the second Wing of Hearthstone‘s (Free) One Night in Karazhan Adventure, has just unlocked in NA. If you haven’t bought the whole Adventure, you’re going to have to buy this one either with 700 gold or with $6.99. You are going to help Julianne prepare for the performance of a lifetime, tackle the Big Bad Wolf, and more in another Wing clearly inspired by literary works. As a literature person myself, I’m really enjoying all these literary references in One Night in Karazhan, and I’m curious to see Blizzard’s take on these famous characters and works.


If you haven’t bought the whole Adventure already, then I’m afraid you can’t get the Karazhan Nights cardback, which is a pity since it’s actually quite nice. So, go dive into The Opera, and check back here soon for our Normal and Heroic Guide to Wing 2.

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